Waking up is hard to do

Hello world,

First let me start off by introducing myself.

My name is Marie, a mother to an awesome little boy, a “wife”, although not yet technically, to an amazing man, and a friend to many. I am originally from Louisiana… born and raised, and just over a year ago took a chance on love and moved to Alabama (good thing THAT worked 😉 ).

I LOVE music, pretty much anything.. I can’t function properly unless there is some kind of music playing…. I feel like life would be a mistake without it . I have always played something, even if it’s a radio 😉 Throughout my life I’ve played piano (still my favorite), saxaphone, violin, and I think I’ve been singing since I came out of the womb. One day soon I’ll learn the guitar… hold your breath for that, haha.

I also LOVE to cook and bake and experiment with anything in the kitchen. I love bold flavors and combinations that somehow mesh together beautifully in the end. I like to take recipes and try  to make them healthier in every way. Being from Louisiana, everything was either smothered and served over rice, or fried, or topped with some kind of delectable sauce… and as scrumtiouptiously delicious all of that may be, let’s face it, we can’t eat like that day in and day out. I hope you’ll come on this journey with me, and have some fun too 🙂

I have a lot of stuff I want to say, cook, share…. and you never know who might want to hear .. ok maybe not want, well you get the point.

I hope you enjoy my randomness and crazy thoughts as much as I do, haha. 🙂