We be Wokin’

So, the Man of the house knows me all too well. This Valentine’s Day, he gave me kitchen stuffz… Uh, Hell to the Yeah! Technically what he got me was an immersion blender (sweeeet) Silicone spatulas, tongs, and brush (suh-weeeet), and a crock-pot (suuhh– oh wait).

What he didn’t realize was that I already had one, all tucked away in the back of a cabinet, and never used. I’ve had it for about 3 years now… I was all cool with going to Le Gourmet Chef the next day to return it, then I would able to pick out a couple of things that I had been missing in my kitchen, but my 5 year old was so upset!! They had planned (beautifully, for two boys, I might add) to surprise me with the gifts, and had even hidden the crock-pot in the oven. Little man thought that I didn’t like it, and he didn’t get why we had to return it.. or not keep it just for it to collect dust, next to the other one I had, haha.

As much as I realize how wonderful a crock pot CAN be… I like to stand over the stove, and stir, and adjust flavors. So maybe I’ll try out the crock pot soon, hopefully before another 3 years goes by πŸ˜‰

Sooooooo, before I got off on the crock pot tangent, I WAS telling a story πŸ˜‰ Β So the next day we went to Le Gourmet Chef, and I really needed a 3 qt saucepan, so I gets me a nice one. The Man had also mentioned a Wok, and I was super stoked. Since I’m not eating carbs at all, it was perfect, because I always have fresh veggies and protein on hand, and I’ve had a craving for any kind of ethnic cuisine lately.

That Friday, I stopped on the way home to get stir fry veggies- Broccoli, carrots, celery, bell peppers, onions, snow peas, baby corn, garlic and ginger… and some new condiments, because I AM the condiment queen…

no really

I AM… I probably have no less than 10 types of mustard in my fridge. You never know which kind you’ll have a hankering for πŸ™‚

Aaaaanyway πŸ˜‰ I then proceeded to mise en placing.. AKA – Chopping all of the everything… like a mad woman.


Once I had everything ready (essential for stir frying, since you really can’t walk away) the cooking began.

I cooked the chicken first, just until I couldn’t see any more pink, then removed it from the wok and started with my veggies. Add them according to the time they will take to cook, this particular time it was carrots and broccoli up to bat, first. When those were about halfway done I slowly added the rest, all while constantly stirring. When veggies are still a crisp tender, add the chicken back to the wok, and cook through. This is when I added the sauce I had made…. Fresh minced garlic and ginger, Soy Sauce, Hoisin, Sweet Chili Sauce (LOVE this stuff), and Siracha. Mix it all up, pour it in, stir to coat everything, and VOILA!

Tasty Stuff, right there! Serve over rice with an eggroll, The hubs had 2 GIANT bowls! I now make a stir fry of some kind at least 2 nights a week. I made shrimp for myself last night and I’m doing Beef and Broccoli tonight. You can use any variation of vegetables and proteins, mix up your own sauce to fit your taste. Quick, Easy, and best of all Healthy πŸ™‚

Till next time…


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