My mind is ramblin… and Ribs!

Anyone ever heard of The Black Keys?? Good stuff, right there. Aaaaanyway.

First of all, I’d like to be proud of myself for pinning a project, and getting it D.O.N.E.

Saw some Roman Shades made with mini blinds on Pintrest, and made 2 variations, within 2 days. And both for less than 20 bucks!! Hellz to the yeeyaah!

This one is stationary and in my laundry room window

And this one is the mini blind at my back door. Cool. ass. shnizzle!!


On to the next.. and most important order of business..


Holy schnikies these were……. De-Friggin-Licious.

Like… Make you want to abandon your favorite BBQ  joint and write home about them good!

I researched a lil’ bit, and then did my own thing, haha. Taurus’ at their best 😉

I have a dry rub, that I use on lotz of stuffz. Originated from my pulled pork, and it just works 🙂


3 Tbsp Paprika

1 Tbsp Garlic Powder

1 Tbsp Brown Sugar

1 Tbsp Dry Mustard

3 Tbsp Coarse Sea Salt

1 Tbsp Cayenne Pepper


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. VOILA!

I had an old Paprika bottle that I washed and re-labeld as my dry rub, so now I have it already mixed up and ready to use. I’ve obviously used this on pork, and I think it really works with it the best, but I’ve also rubbed chicken breasts (HA! that’s a funny mental picture) steaks and even a brisket.



(Inspect your meat when you’re buying it people! I probably get funny looks in the grocery store when I’m buying meat and produce, because I pick up no less than 5 packs of what I’m buying to get the 1 perfect pack. I’m weird…

I already know 😉 )


1 pack of Baby Back Ribs

Dry Rub

BBQ sauce


Prepare your ribs by removing the membrane/skin from the back. (Sorry I didn’t get any pictures, my hands were a little pre-porkupied)

Sprinkle dry rub liberally over both sides of ribs, and rub it, pat it, give it a good smack…. What? you don’t smack your meat??

Wrap ribs in 2 layers of foil and put it in the fridge for at least an hour or up to over night.

When you’re about 3 and a half hours from dinner time, take the ribs out of the fridge  and pre-heat your oven to 250′.

Line a baking sheet with yet another piece of foil (Ribs are messy little beasts) and placed wrapped rack on baking sheet.

Cook low and slow for 3 hours. Go wash your cars, cut the yard, have a beer or 2 😉

When the 3 hours is up, remove your ribs from the oven and heat up the grill. I have gas, so I put it on about med-low.

CAREFULLY unwrap the ribs. These suckers are still smokin’ hot. Brush on a layer of your favorite BBQ sauce on both sides. I used a sweet Kansas City style and it complimented the rub perfectly!

Once your grill is heated up, place the sauced ribs on there for about 10 minutes turning once or twice, just till the sauce starts to caramelize and you get some of that “grill” flavor. Cut into serving size portions, I went 2 bones a piece, and get down and dirty with it.

Or put in on a salad… 😉



BTDub…………………………………………………….. I’m Engaged 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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