Lunch Date and Restaurant Review

Today, I got a summer vacation… took off of work for the rest of the summer. Hubs just started a FABULOUS job, the office had already cut my hours, and having a 5 year old with you at work all day=no productivity! So it was basically a mutual understanding of sorts, and we’ll check back in August.

Since we had some extra, and much needed time on our hands, the little man and I went galavanting around town. There’s this super cool outdoor mall, called Bridge Street, full of shops and restaurants.. a hip and happenin movie theatre at the end and even a pop-up fountain for the kids to play in. Snazzy place.

We hit up Toy’s R Us, DSW shoes (’cause now I’m on the hunt for the perfect blue “party” shoes 😉 ) and Old Navy.

I knew that I wanted to try this fresh Mexican grill in the mall, so with all that walking around, we were famished come lunch time.

I’ve lived here right at a year and a half now, and I could probably count on one hand the restaurants I’ve eaten in. I just don’t go out to eat, becuase I cook so much here, and mine is always better, haha, no really though, I’m totally serious 😉 and if I don’t cook it, I don’t know what’s going into it!

With having been in Louisiana for a long weekend, today being our first day back in Alabama, the 85′ weather with a cool breeze and little to no humidity, was a more than welcomed perfect summer day. I was finally not MELTING in my own skin being in 95′ / 100% humidity! That madness ain’t no joke!

Since it was such a gorgeous day…..

We decided on a lovely little table next to the water

Food just seems to taste better with a view like this 🙂

Since I’m doing the whole no carb/paleo thing (Which I am SUPER proud of myself for sticking to it like a madwoman, and LOVING it!) I knew I didn’t want the tortillas, or the beans, or the corn, or the cheese or the rice, that usually is all evident in Mexican food. LIME  fresh mexican grill, was over and beyond oblidging! I ordered the


Grilled chicken on a bed of fresh greens with crispy bacon, black bean corn salsa, tomatoes and carrots topped with crispy tortilla strips. Served with a side of chipotle honey lime dressing

with no black bean and corn salsa and no tortilla strips (it didn’t come with cheese)

And the Boy ordered the kids cheese quesadilla

The kicker to all this was the salsa bar!!!! Can you say heaven???

It was basically a salad bar of salsa! For this condiment queen, absolute bliss! They had varying spice levels, flavors, and fresh toppings. What totally sold me (as if I wasn’t sold before)… was that you could see the employees behind the counter, hand chopping fresh batches of Pico! My kind of place!!!

You could get as many 1.5oz sample cups as you wanted, and load up on your poison! I decided on Pico de Gallo, the Seasonal Salsa (made with pineapple), Habenero salsa (I’m a glutton for punishment….. have you heard about my love of Sriracha???? 😉 ),  Salsa Suave (chipotle based.. the red, and my kid’s favorite), Salsa Asada (fire roasted) and Salsa Verde (tomatillos).

I used a bit of ALL of them, plus a wee bit of a drizzle of the honey lime dressing, a top my salad. It was fresh/spicy/sweet/smokey/grilled deliciousness in every bite!

They  even had jammin music, that my lil’ drummer boy was gettin’ all Gangsta with 😉

I’ll definitely be going back 🙂

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