Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry

Since I got my wok for Valentine’s Day, I’ve been adding condiments (obviously) and perfecting the flavor of the overall, end result, of my stir fry.

It’s all about the right balance, that makes it essentially… restaurant quality.. If I may say so.

To be honest, I think it’s the marinade for the meat that MAKES this

This is a marinade that I’ve put on the blog before, and, now, it’s my Go To!

3 Tbsp Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce

2 Tbsp Honey

1 Tbsp Vegetable Oil

1 Tbsp Sambal Oleak

2 cloves minced Garlic

Please for the love of flavor… let marinate for at LEAST 30 minutes…(The longer the better)… That’s what she said, haha 😉

It’s just the right flavor profile on any kind of protien… Chicken, Steak, Pork, Fish! I can’t WAIT to skewer some shrimp with it, and throw it on the grill!

Mmmm Mmmmmm deliciousness!

The Breakdown..


1lb sliced/marinated chicken breast

3 small heads fresh broccoli (cut into florets)

1 large onion (peeled, halved, short cut)

Soy Sauce (reduced sodium) Rice Wine Vinegar, Fish Sauce, Hoisin Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce

~Cook chicken in wok or large skillet until just cooked through and no longer pink, remove from pan and set aside.

~Cook broccoli and onion in same pan until crisp tender (I add about a teaspoon or so of each and stir well)

-soy sauce

-rice wine vinegar

-fish sauce

~Add chicken back to pan and stir to incorporate with the broccoli and onion

~Add a TBSP or 2 of each

-hoisin sauce

-oyster sauce

-sweet chili sauce

~If final stir fry sauce is too thin, I add 1 tsp of corn starch mixed with 1TBSP of COLD water, just to tighten it up a bit.

Serve over rice, Chinese noodles, or just eat it out the pot 😉  Don’t forget your favorite eggrolls 🙂

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