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We all have crazy eating habits, right???

Growing up, you always heard “3 square meals a day”… who really does that anymore?

I’ve never been a breakfast girl…  when I wake up, I always drink a MONSTER glass of water and refill and drink it all day long. If I am famished, I take a handful of fruit out of the fridge, cause it’s always there…but then I’m FULL till like 1:00.

Lunch is my big meal, and always a nice sized salad.

Topped with whatever meat I cooked for the men, the night before, and a “dressing” of spicy salsa or Sriracha or some type of mustard (I have 12 different varieties 😉 ). I like to feel the burn…. and it ain’t good enough if my nose isn’t running when I’m finished 😉 Glutton for punishment, remember.

I mean what’s not to like about crisp Romaine, chopped sweet tomatoes, ripe avocado… with a sprinkling of salt and pepper.. and adorning all that fresh vegetable goodness.. strips of grilled steak… roasted pork loin… marinated chicken breast.. OR If I roll my own way, which has been known to happen a time or two.. Spicy saute’d shrimp or fish. YUM! Can’t wait for lunch tomorrow 🙂

Thing is… I only eat twice a day, but always healthy and never a whole lot at a time. I guess it’s on my mind right now, that it might not be the “proper” way of eating .. (cough cough, since I’ve allllways been so Proper before… NOT!) But THIS girl has got to look Super Fabulous in a wedding dress in less than 8 months!!! Can we say max out on push ups and crunches, much???

Granted, If I may say so, I look better now than I have EVER looked, in my entire life, but I want to look THE.BEST. in my dress.

So maybe my eating habits should change??? Even if I like my schedule now? I try to eat as Paleo as possible, meaning all veggies, meats and some fruit. No carbs, sugar or dairy.

I eat around noon for lunch, cook dinner around 7:00pm and might taste a bite or two, but because I’m usually up until 2am, I don’t eat dinner until 11 or 12pm.

Unhealthy, I don’t think so… Unorthodox?? That would be me 😉

What are your eating habits? Do you follow a certain eating plan? I’d love to know what works and what doesn’t 🙂

2 thoughts on “We all have crazy eating habits, right???”

  1. This is cool! I also stay on a low sugar, dairy-free diet but I do eat breakfast, usually just cereal and almond milk or on weekends, eggs. lunch is my whatever I can throw together fast for my hungry toddler meal except on weekends when we’re all at home and I’ve gotten to sleep in a little so I’m more willing to experiment, make something yummy. Dinner is our big meal, which I’ve heard is the wrong way to do things but it’s when I have the most energy, 2nd wind I guess, and the imminent return home of a very tired, hungry hubby is surely a lot of the motivation. I rarely use a cookbook and usually combine unusual ingredients for something new when I get bored. those meals usually turn out to be my best, while the “tried and true” ones like my spaghetti starts to get dull for me and I end up using it only when I’m in a rush. love the blogs! can’t wait to read more!

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