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Issues… what issues??

I wish it were that easy! Having gone from a size 22 at my heaviest, and now being a size 8, I WISH I was able to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. Thing is, I think even the thinest of people “see” something that they could improve on. Me…. I know I got issues. I was 100lbs heavier than I am now, at one point… I’ve had a child. And even though I’ve kept the weight off for more than 7 years now… it’s a daily struggle.

Back at my Mom’s a week ago, I was looking through some old pictures. Initially only wanting to bring them back to show my favorite neighbor (cause she don’t belive me when I say I used to be F.A.T. 😉 ), I got to thinking, why not show all you bloggy friends that IT. CAN. BE. DONE.! With hard work, dedication and a willingness to maintain once you’ve gotten there, it is definitely possible!

So, Here goes it!

the before….

Goodness Gracious! I don’t even recognize myself! It’s like I was trapped in this fat body, and I am so happy to be out of it! It was only about 3 years of my life, around age 20, that I feel like I ballooned out of control and gained like 60 lbs. Granted, I was never a skinny girl, but this was just insane. I think I have blocked out or purposely forgotten that time, because I was so traumatized in more ways than one.

And here’s me today 🙂

BIG Difference, eh?

Me and my Fav Neighb

And my Beautiful little family 🙂

BUT…. I still see the Fat Girl when I look at myself! You would think that I would have overcome this by now…

So, I ask… How does this “change of perception” actually happen? Will I ever feel comfotable in my own skin?

Damn, I sure hope so

4 thoughts on “Issues… what issues??”

  1. Hello, my pretty friend. Seeing the before and after is amazing. It’s an amazing journey and something to be proud of. I was just under 200 at my heaviest and now I’m size 8 and finally getting really focused on living a healthier lifestyle. I can tell you from my experience, that the perception change is slooooow and there are always relapses into feeling the insecurity that comes with being overweight. Some days you won’t feel as attractive as you logically know that you are no matter what anyone tells you. It’s funny that you say you don’t really remember that time in your life because I’m the same way. There are large chunks of high school that I’ve blocked out because that was when I was my heaviest. But it does get better and it does get easier. I start every single day in the mirror before makeup or anything else and go “Gosh, you’re pretty!” It works.

    1. Hi, Erica! Thanks for the wonderful comment, and congratulations in your success 🙂 I like to feel as though I’ve overcome some MAJOR obstacles in getting to this point in my life. I’m happier and healthier than ever. I honestly think that it’s weighing on me so heavily these days, is because I have to look the BEST EVER in my wedding dress, in about 6 months. Great tip for starting the day telling yourself that you’re pretty. Definitely starting that habit!

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