“New Orleans Style” Roast Beef PoBoys

First of all, Shout out to my favorite city in the WOILD!! WHO DAT?

Football season has offically gotten underway, and those Boys in Black and Gold are back on the field! I don’t necessarilly care about football, but SAINTS football… that’s a whole ‘notha topic.

If any of you don’t know, we’ve had a rough time this year. From all this Bounty Scandal hullabaloo, to a suspended Head Coach and key players, to last minuite nail biting on the signing and agreement with Mr. Drew Brees. It’s been a tough few months for the members of the WHO DAT NATION.

I mean… what defensive player, in the league, doesn’t try to make every tackle his best… and they ALL get paid for it…. But I digress..

I had the wonderful opportunity of growing up in this great city, make lifelong friends, and have fond rememberances of my time spent there. It will always be “home”. There is an energy there, that is completely… indescribable.

Time to bring a taste of home to my table! For those of you who have never had the sheer Glory of experiencing this “sandwich” first hand… I’m so very sorry 🙂 It is absolutely one of the best things you can fit into your pie-hole!

It’s not just some sandwich. It’s a symphony of the perfect crusty but soft bread, meat cooked perfectly with Cajun/Creole flavor, and “dressed” to perfection.

The Hubs had asked recently if I could make a Roast Beef PoBoy. Who does he think he’s talking to here??? 😉

I still remember the little gas station / PoBoy place back home, Danny and Clydes. Drip down your arms deliciousness. Fried Shrimp and Roast Beef were my fav’s, and they did it right!

When it comes to PoBoys, the messier the better!


1 Beef Chuck Roast (mine was about 2lbs)

1 Garlic Clove (thinly sliced)

Salt, Black Pepper, Cayenne

1 TBSP Veg Oil

1 Onion (diced)

1 Carrot (diced)

1 Stalk Celery (diced)

1 cup Beef Stock

1 cup Chicken Stock

Water if necessary

2 TBSP Worcestershire Sauce

1 TBSP Hot Sauce

1 tsp Thyme

1 BayLeaf


Trim excessive fat from exterior of roast. Cut a few slits into one side and stuff them with the sliced garlic. Season roast with salt, pepper and cayenne.

Heat large, heavy bottomed pot and add veg oil till nice and shimmery. Sear roast on all sides till nice (but not burnt) crust forms.

Remove roast and set aside. Saute’ Onion, Carrot and Celery until semi soft. Mirepoix in place of the Trinity…. SHOCKING, I know!! 😉

Place roast back in pan and then add the stocks. You want the liquid to be at least halfway up the roast. Add the remaining ingredients, return to boil, cover and lower to simmer.

Let that goodness go for 4 hours. Once it’s done, the meat will litterally fall.  apart.  .. if you stare at it for too long 😉

Once that is all said and done, take the roast out (you may need to use more than one utensil, and set aside. I strained my braising liquid twice, for extra smoothness.

Slice… AKA… Look at roast, till it shreds into delicious beefy scrumptiousness

and add back to strained “gravy”. Reduce for another 30 minutes or so…

or until you can’t wait to get in in your mouth!

Staying NOLA Authentic??……..   Serve on crusty french bread, with a slight schmear of mayo, finely sliced lettuce, sliced tomato and extra gravy.

Better have those napkins handy 😉

The Hubs kept giving me “The Eye” while he was scarfing it down… I hope that it was the good eye. 😉 I think that the “This is Awesome!!” comment confirmed that! 🙂

And the fact that his plate looked like THIS, five minutes later….

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