Broiled Salmon and Saute’d Kale

Salmon…. Kale….. Bacon… How can you go wrong??

I crave a good, fresh piece of seafood every now and then. Having lived so close to the coast my whole life, it was readily available. Now-a-days, I have to say I’m a bit skeptical in the freshness of it.

One thing I’ve learned, if fish smells like fish…. I mean really SMEYLLS like fish, it ain’t no good. Fresh fish should smell like the sea… and not Fishy!

Second thing… I’ve figured out myself. Don’t Overcook your protien! The secret ingredient to keeping things tender and juicy and perfectly cooked… is temperature.. take it off the fire at just the precise time, and let it rest for 5-10 minutes.

Beef.. Med Rare-  150′.  Pork – 160′.  Poultry – 180′.

Invest in a meat thermometer… It’ll save your life! 😉

Seafood is tricky. It can go from raw to overdone in a matter of minutes!

I used a bit of Technique in this preparation, and it worked out Perfectly!

Baked at 325′ for about15- 20 mins to slowly cook it from the bottom, then Broiled for the last 10, to give it nice “crust” on top. Thing about Salmon, is that you can’t cook it too fast or it will get tough… It’s a Volutpuous fish, that takes time and dedication into doing it right 😉 . And there’s nothing worse than it being overcooked!

Enough chit chat. Let’s get on with it, already!


4oz Salmon Filet

Olive oil, Coarse Salt, Black Pepper, Cayenne

1-2 Kale leaves

1 Slice Bacon

1/4 Small Onion


Preheat oven to 325′. Season Salmon with a smidge of Olive oil, Salt, Pepper and Cayenne. Simple is the key here, so that the Salmon can really shine.

Place in heated oven and bake for about 15-20 minutes, You want the bottom to be just cooked, and the whole piece to be turning a lighter shade of pink.

When it reaches that point, switch your oven to Broil and let it go another 10 minutes or so.

While that’s happening, move to the stove top.

Saute Bacon and thinly sliced onion, over med – med high heat, until soft. Remove when done and add Kale (just rip it into pieces off of the stem) . When kale is about halfway done, and has all turned a lovely shade of bright dark green, season with a bit of salt and pepper and return bacon and onions, cook to finish.

Top this with the now Nicely Bronzed Salmon

PERFECT combination of flavors. The Salmon had almost a sweet flavor, velvety texture and flaked like nobody’s business… the Kale was deliciously bitter, with the smokieness of the Bacon, it was FANTASTIC.

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