Cloud Bread… Nailed it!

Bread….. that’s not bread…. Love it!!

cloud bread

After seeing this recipe MONTHS ago, I knew I had to try it. Why I waited so long, I have no idea. This stuff is like little pillows of goodness. Who knew you could make a bread like substance (well that sounds real appetizing…) out of eggs and cream cheese??

But seriously, you have to try this. If you are watching your carbs, this is a perfect way to be able to enjoy sandwiches, burgers, even pulled pork without the guilt!!



2 Eggs Separated

2 oz Cream Cheese

1/8 tsp cream of tartar

Preheat oven to 300′.

Separate eggs. Whites in one bowl, yolks in another.

Add cream cheese to yolks and mix until smooth. In the other bowl add cream of tartar to whites, and beat with hand mixer on high until fluffy and peaks form.

Carefully add the yolk mixture to the white mixture and fold to combine.


Spray cookie sheet with Pam and spoon the mixture into rounds. Bake for about 30 minutes until GBD (Golden Brown and Delicious)

Let cool on a wire rack. Once cooled, store in ziploc bags or tupperware overnight. Like Magic they turn into “buns”.


cloud bread 055CloudBread

92 thoughts on “Cloud Bread… Nailed it!”

  1. Do they taste VERY eggy? I’ve had something like this in the past and it was like eating an extra-firm disc of scrambled eggs. This is a different recipe though, so perhaps it’s not quite like that. What do you think?

    1. I’m not gonna say they DON’T taste like eggs a little bit, but it definitely didn’t feel like you were just eating an omelet, so to speak. They weren’t firm in the least bit either. Let me know if you try them and what you think 🙂

    1. Cream of tartar is used to stabilize the egg whites. I read that you can substitute lemon juice or white vinegar, because they are leavening agents which will make it rise with air bubbles:)
      You can often replace cream of tartar with distilled white vinegar or lemon juice. When cream of tartar is used to add volume and stabilize and whiten whipped egg whites, replace every 1/8 teaspoon of cream of tartar with 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice or distilled white vinegar.

      Hope this helps answer your question.

      1. I love that you put the replacement ingredient AND quantity of said sub. I love cooking but I’m still learning, and things like that (not having all ingredients, etc.) completely throw me. I can’t wait to try this out!

    1. I have read in some thread somewhere that a person who couldn’t have dairy successfully made Cloud Bread using 3 T of mayo instead of the 3 oz of cream cheese. Everything else about the recipe remained the same. You might give that a try and see if it works for you, too. 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to try this. I am doing Atkins right now and this will be perfect. Maybe to reduce the eggy taste I will add garlic to the recipe and rosemary to make it sort of a focaccia taste.

  3. Can you tell me how many pieces the recipe makes? 6? I am trying to work out calories, it looks like about 60 calories per piece if it makes 6 pieces. Thanks

  4. I tried it..think I followed directions right but the ‘batter’ was too soft to form rolls..finally I gave up and out it all in one dish…suggestions please…

    1. The batter is going to be “soft”. Lighter than a pancake batter in fact. These will not be like bread rolls, but more flat, like a squished hamburger bun. I hope you will give them another try and they work out for you 🙂

      1. ok..i will…its just that when I put them in the pan it formed was that soft…will try again…

    2. Sounds to me like you may not have whipped the whites quite enough. If you’re aiming for “stiff peaks,” which would be my guess, though it doesn’t say outright in the recipe, you want them to be firm enough before you mix in the yolks and cream cheese that they have a very glossy, shiny appearance. When you take the mixer out, the peaks left behind where they broke the surface should remain upright. Good luck!

  5. I made this yesterday for the first time. Just got done eating my first sandwich using it. I found it to be quite wonderful. It had a bread like texture with very little taste of its own so all I really tasted was the ingredients in the sandwich. I will definitely be making this again.

  6. I am thinking of making these with fat free cream cheese. Your recipe does not specify the fat content of your cream cheese. Do you remember what kind it was?

  7. I did this last night following exact instructions. It was too easy to be true and it came out perfectly. I was actually shocked that it would come out like this actual bread-like consistency. It was like magic. I used it today for lunch at work with some smoked turkey and lots of veggies. This will definitely be a huge repeater in my kitchen. Thank you sooooo much !

  8. My the time I got to kitchen I forgot the recipe,used 1 tablespoon parm. Cheese, They turned out very well,no cream cheese,Lolololol

  9. I’m making these right now! Baking in the oven. I’m going to try a flavored veggie cream cheese next time, just for the fun of it! 🙂

  10. So im going to try this recipe cause they look so good but can i use them right away or do i HAVE to store the overnight in the fridge? I want to make turkey burgers tonight and i was looking forward to a bread substitute but if i have to let them sit overnight im going to be bummed

  11. Just baked these up as I am diabetic and looking for low carb recipes. They are amazing! I can’t believe how 2 simple ingredients can make something with a decent texture and flavor so I can feel like I’m still getting my “bread”! THANK YOU!!

  12. I mare these Gain using egg beaters and egg beaters egg whites only in place of the two eggs, then used fat free cream cheese. They turned out great and according to the items used each one(slice) is about 13 calories depending on the size you make each round.

  13. These are in my oven right now! They look great, can’t wait to try them in the morning as a sausage, egg & cheese sandwich 🙂

  14. I just took mine out of the oven. They look EXACTLY like the photo!..and They smell heavenly. I did add: a few grains of salt and a few drops of pure, organic, liquid Stevia ( no alcohol or any additives at all) because “real” bread has salt and sugar. I’ve made bread other substitutes before and they tended to be too bland. I think those who added flavored cream cheese or garlic and rosemary are on the right track to getting a more “authentic” tasting bread. I’m going to have a hard time waiting overnight to try these!!!!

  15. I have made this twice. First time was perfect. Second time I had wanted to add some sesame seeds and forgot. So I had them in the oven for about 10 seconds, pulled them out to add the sesame seeds and they were as flat as crackers but even so, very good. This is my to go to recipe now for buns. Both hubby and I love it. Thank you very much.

  16. Just made this. ABSOLUTELY delicious! ! I had a turkey and cheese sandwich. The bread just melts in your mouth. This is definitely a game changer. Came out exactly like the pictures. Completely in love with this recipe!

  17. These are fantastic! I made a batch today and they disappeared very quickly. I didn’t have time to use them for sandwiches or anything, my children devoured them. I love the nice, cheesy flavor. I did try to toast one and it was HORRID. But one of my least favorite foods is burned eggs, so that’s probably why! I’m going to try buttering it and making grilled cheese. They are wonderful just plain as well though. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe…it’s recipes like this that make following THM a LOT easier!

  18. Made them and used them for mini pizzas! Everyone wanted the recipe! No one could believe they were only made with 3 ingredients. Wonderful recipe.

  19. These are basically Oopsie Rolls, a recipe that has been around for years- originally on ‘your lighter side’ website (it is not the same person who runs that site now) I love them!

  20. Some extra ideas! Add dehydrated chives to give an onion taste, rosemary or garlic pepper! I also have added a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa, a packet of sweet n low and made whoopee pie buns for heavy whipped cream dessert sandwiches! Adds a bit more carbs but if you aren’t in induction, woohoo! Still better than a loaf of Wonder or Pepperidge Farm!

  21. Trying to stay away from bread is hard…I made these today and tested them by making chicken sandwiches. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Light and fluffy, held the sandwich together nicely. Hubby liked them as well, which is a triumph in itself. I will definitely be making them often. The only thing I did differently is substituting the cream of tartar with a tablespoon of lemon juice.

  22. Bread was amazing… light and fluffy with not much eggy flavor…going to experiment with garlic and herbs next!!! Thank you

  23. My 10 year old daughter made them and loved them! She has a wheat allergy and we decided to give these a try. She can’t wait to make her sandwich for school tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  24. These turned out perfectly.
    even after they just cooled, the texture was exactly like white bread.
    anyone try warming them in micro?

  25. Wow. New to Pinterest but having fun trying new recipes. This was certainly one of my favorites so far. Thanks ! They taste great and a good alternative to using bread etc.

  26. Made these and they turned out perfect! Made a double batch. Made a great bologna sandwich too. Can’t wait to try other variations with garlic, herbs, mini pizzas or even cocoa and splenda.

  27. These are fun. They aren’t close to bread, but good enough make more for sandwiches. I tried them with egg salad, but you pretty much have to use a fork 😊.

      1. Thanks Marie. That would explain why I overcooked mine. I did it at 350º – i’ll try again!

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