About the Girl

Hello world,

First let me start off by introducing myself.

My name is Marie, a mother to an awesome little boy,  and a friend to many. I am originally from South Louisiana… born and raised. I took a little detour for a few years, but it is always where my heart will be

I LOVE music, pretty much anything.. I can’t function properly unless there is some kind of music playing…. I feel like life would be a mistake without it . I have always played something, even if it’s a radio ;)  Throughout my life I’ve played piano (still my favorite), saxaphone, violin, and I think I’ve been singing since I came out of the womb. One day soon I’ll learn the guitar… hold your breath for that, haha.

I also LOVE to cook and experiment with anything in the kitchen. I love bold flavors and combinations that somehow mesh together beautifully in the end. I like to take recipes and try  to make them healthier in every way.

Being from Louisiana, everything was either smothered and served over rice, or fried, or topped with some kind of delectable sauce… and as scrumtiouptiously delicious all of that may be, let’s face it, we can’t eat like that day in and day out. I hope you’ll come on this journey with me, and have some fun too :)

I have a lot of stuff I want to say, cook, share…. and you never know who might want to hear .. ok maybe not want, well you get the point.

I hope you enjoy my randomness and crazy thoughts as much as I do, haha. :)


8 thoughts on “About the Girl”

  1. The picture for Cloud bread totally caught my eye!! (both eyes actually!!) My husband and I are trying very hard to eat healthier and more low carb. Recipes like this one make it so much fun and easier! I loved your “About the Girl” blog and will def want to subscribe to your random craziness! 🙂

  2. Hopefully you’ll see this…… I just made your cloud biscuits and love them! Great alternative to regular breads!! Do you know if they freeze well? I would like to make a bunch and freeze them. Thank you!!

  3. Hi Marie,
    I’m the author of the book Your Weight Loss G-Spot launching in November 2015. The reason I’m emailing is because I’m both a reader and supporter of your recipes and journey, and I’d like to use a recipe from your website in my upcoming book

    The recipe I’d like to use is: Cloud Bread

    Please confirm by September 20 with your permission to use as well as your proper name and title to include in the book.

    As a thank you I’ll send you a copy of Your Weight Loss G-Spot. Let me know if you’d prefer Kindle or a PDF.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!


    1. Hi Michelle,
      I am honored that you want to use one of my recipes. You definitely have my permission.
      Proper name is Marie B. Vanderliest. Please let me know if there is anything else you need.
      PDF would be preferred, can’t wait to see the book! Thanks again.

  4. I am a Louisiana girl through and through. I love to eat and venture out of the ordinary when it comes to food. However, that has slowed down a bit since my daughter’s food allergies have sort of taken over. I am fixin’ to make this cloud bread and my daughter is excited to be able to eat a roast beef sandwich again. I may even try at some point (once I master the cloud bread) to make longer pieces so she can enjoy a roast beef po boy. Thank you for sharing! I will let you know how this goes for my kiddo.

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